The Cowfish is crazy good


“And so was the ‘tail’ of the cow and the fish

From two separate places they had but one wish

To bring to the world in a way, so delish

An unusual place to enjoy a great dish.”

Taken from Cowfish’s website, an excerpt from “The Legend of Cowfish” greatly describes the purpose of this unusual but excellent restaurant.

Although busy and bustling, I thought Cowfish had a very fun and upbeat atmosphere during my visit. It provided the kind of environment that’s appropriate for an out to eat experience. The atmosphere was very comfortable for me and the noise didn’t bother me like I thought it would.

The restaurant provides a large area of seating for its customers, offering both tables, booths and a hybrid of the two. They also give customers the option of outdoor seating, which provides a more peaceful eating experience. Since the restaurant is located in the beautiful shopping center of North Hills, this is definitely an option to consider.

Once I was seated, the first thing I noticed was the fun interior Cowfish offers. The colorful walls display unique paintings that relate to pop culture. To add to it’s fun atmosphere, the restaurant also displays a fish tank in the middle of the building. This tank contains multiple variations of very colorful fish and fun tank accessories like plastic food, relative to what’s served on the menu.

The staff very friendly and good at their job, taking our drink orders almost as soon as we sat down. Shortly after that, they took our meal order. Although efficient, I thought they were kind of slow on refills. This might’ve been due to the large amount of people in the restaurant.

When it comes to the food at Cowfish, customers are sure to leave both full and satisfied. Cowfish has so many food options that at first, the menu is almost overwhelming. At this particular restaurant chain, the most popular items on the menu vary between their vast array of sushi and multiple burger options. With over 20 types of customizable burgers and many different styles of sushi (also customizable), Cowfish makes it hard to choose just one thing. Thankfully, they offers meal plans entitled “The Bento Box.”

This particular entree combines their two specialties by including a mini burger and four pieces of sushi in the literal “box” of food. This way, you get the best of both worlds. These “boxes” are also served with multiple sides: sweet potato fries, Thai cucumbers and edamame. If these sides aren’t to your liking, they can easily be substituted for the other sides they offer. This goes for all meals that come with a side.

On their website, Cowfish “guarantees that all proteins are antibiotic and hormone free, and certified humanely raised and handled. In addition, [they] source local ingredients when possible. All beef burgers are prepared with a half-pound of Meyer All Natural Black Angus beef.” This guarantee is just another reason why Cowfish is an excellent, high quality restaurant.

Like any food chain, the pricing at Cowfish ranges based on the contents of the food. For example, things that contain fresh fish or tender cuts of steak will cost more than a plain burger or sandwich. Simple items like burgers range from $12-16. Delicacies like sushi range from $10-22, based on the complexity of the roll.

Cowfish also serves many different types of drinks. As I can recall, their drink selection took up at least two pages of the menu. Due to the bar towards the front of the restaurant, most of these drinks are alcoholic. They aren’t limited to alcohol, though. Cowfish also serves an array of hot and cold teas, as well as general fountain drinks like Coke and Sprite.

There are many excellent things about Cowfish, which is why I give the unique restaurant a 4.5/5 stars. Cowfish offers its customers a high quality dining experience with its unique selection of food and drink, as well as its fun and comfortable atmosphere. I would recommend The Cowfish to people of all ages.


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