Seniors apply early for college

October 15 is a fated day for many high school seniors; it is the day that most early decision and early action college applications are due. However, due to issues with the Common Application, schools such as UNC Chapel Hill pushed their deadline back to October 21. For the majority of these schools, students will have their admissions decision by December 15.

There are two, distinct types of early admissions: early action and early decision. The first, early action, is a non-binding option, meaning students who are accepted are not required to enroll. Whereas early decision is binding, in that students must commit to the university, if accepted.

The benefits of early admissions include: a reduce of stress when waiting for a decision and a generally higher acceptance rate. The most obvious perk of early admissions is knowing early where one will attend college.

Students may receive a deferred, rejected or accepted decision. However, students who are deferred during early admissions may apply for regular decision, increasing their chances of acceptance.

Early admissions, in general, is beneficial to students who have researched their potential universities and want to know their future school earlier than usual. Binding decisions are not recommended for financially insecure families, because financial aid plans are not extended until later in the admissions process.

Whether you are applying early decision/action or regular decision, we wish our Leesville senior’s luck in the college application process.


  1. Wow, this article really cleared up some of my concerns about applying to college. Thank you so much to this awesome unknown writer for addressing an issue so relevant to my life!!!


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