Leesville students hunt for jobs at the fair


On Wednesday March 24, students filed into the multipurpose room with one intention: finding a job. Businesses in the Leesville area set up booths during all three lunches to recruit students.

Those in attendance included Elevation Burgers, Food Lion Grocery, Hiker’s Cleaners, Lowe’s Home Centers, Arby’s, Applebee’s, the Marines, McDonalds, NV Nails and Spa and Relish Cafe.

Accurately titled, the job fair’s main purpose was to allow students an opportunity to apply for jobs. Before the fair, many students could not find jobs on their own.

“Students come to me all the time, unable to find any jobs. So, I reached out to the Leesville area businesses to see if they need any students to help,” said Ms. Canada, career counselor. After contacting various sources of companies, Canada organized a day where they came to the students.

“If (the job fair) only helps one student, then it was worth it,” continued Canada. Next year she hopes to have establishments beyond the Leesville/Brier Creek area attend the fair.

The business that appeared to gain most student interest was Elevation Burger. “(We are) looking for someone who has a high level of excitement,” said Marc Finch, representative for the Brier Creek food establishment. “Someone who is very sincere, has a strong work ethic, trustworthy, responsible, and likes to smile a lot because we want our customers, our guests, to feel really welcomed when they come into the restaurant.”

Finch went onto explain the application process. On the company’s website, applicants complete a form of their basic personal information as well as unique extra details. That information is delivered to the company that will then contact the person for the following steps. “Anyone who demonstrates these qualities please feel free to apply,” said Finch.

Finch was content with the number of students who seemed interested. He believed, despite it currently being early that day, that the day could be counted as a success.

Students entered the fair in search for a job. “Pretty much, we’re just looking for a job. Anything that’s hiring,” said Justin Hawk, junior. “Everyone seems to have a well organized organization. They know what they’re doing.”

Accompanying Hawk, Ben Paxton, junior believed the jobs to be pretty basic but was disappointed to discover most required employees to be at least 18.

Kiley Cross, sophomore, and Ati Abegunrin junior, attended through Sports Med. Both believed the fair was organized and helpful in general. “I was expecting more people to be here, but it’s pretty empty and spread out,” said Ablegreen.

By the end of A lunch, several companies had still not shown. “I would really like to work at Relish Cafe, but the people aren’t here right now. I’m still going to apply anyway because I really love Relish,” said Jessica Merdes, senior, searching for a summer job.

Merdes believed several jobs seemed promising as the companies’ representatives seemed friendly and interested in her. “I was hoping that they would look at me, and say you got the job. But I think I have to grow up a little and actually realize that you have to apply for a job to get one,” said Merdes in good humor.

Despite several companies not being at the fair in time, most students conceded that overall the day was well organized and a success. They left in high hopes of knowing there are possible job opportunities in the Leesville area for students.


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