What if…Underclassmen were allowed at prom?


Traditionally, prom is for upperclassmen only. The occasional freshman or sophomore is invited by an upperclassman, but the majority of prom is always upperclassmen. It’s something that kids look forward to since the start of high school.

But what if it wasn’t just upperclassmen at prom — what if the whole school was invited?

Prom, the most special of all school dances, would look rather boring. It would be a dance like winterfest or homecoming, and nothing would set it apart. It probably wouldn’t be as extravagant because there wouldn’t be anything special or different about it.

It might not be as formal, either. The fact that everyone would have been through two dances already would make everyone slack a little bit. If people have already bought dresses for two dances in the past year, they aren’t really in the mood/ can’t afford to buy a really nice one for the third dance. Formal dress shopping is exhausting and expensive, and many girls can’t afford the time or energy to search for a third dress in a year.

Who would work the prom? The sophomore student council normally helps out with prom, but if they were invited then they would obviously be too busy to work it.

The parents or teachers could work it, but that would require a very large parent/teacher staff, and it would be hard to get that many adults to work the prom on a Saturday night.

The biggest issue would be the maturity difference. There is a large gap of maturity between a freshman and a senior. That is why prom is so much more sophisticated than the other dances and is more expensive and extravagant. Imagine being a senior slow dancing with your girlfriend/boyfriend next to a loud and much less sophisticated freshman; it would disrupt your peaceful night.

So, if underclassmen could go to prom, it would ruin the uniqueness of prom night for the upperclassmen. It would ruin the extravagance and excitement for prom. If underclassmen were allowed, prom would just be another school dance.


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