Tue. Aug 16th, 2022
The 2004 television show Veronica Mars follows private investigators Keith and his daughter, Veronica Mars. The show centers around Veronica surviving high school while attempting to solve the murder of her best friend Lilly Kane.

Veronica Mars is a show about the intelligent and defiant 17-year-old investigator, Veronica Mars. Beginning the show as a fiercely independent social reject; Veronica seeks justice for the murder of her best friend, Lilly Kane.

Formerly an 09’er, rich and influential Neptune High jock or cheerleader, Veronica is socially exiled for believing that Jake Kane murdered his daughter, Lilly Kane. With the assistance of her only friend, Wallace Fennel, Veronica investigates problems concerning her resentful Neptune High classmates for college money.

As a character, Veronica is extremely relatable to young people because she is an authentic representation of a teenager. Veronica struggles to balance her academic, social and personal lives the same way I do. Viewers become emotionally invested in Veronica because her character has a well-developed personality and emotional range.

Veronica is also admirable in her ability to approach situations involving gangsters, murderers, rapists, thieves and scammers with tact and humor. It is empowering to watch a teenage leading female character be strong, intelligent and competent in her abilities.

Unlike other shows targeted towards teens, Veronica’s love life does not overshadow the main storyline. Veronica doesn’t suddenly stop detective work when she falls for the snarky and damaged 09’er, Logan Echolls.

While Veronica dates several people throughout the series, her relationship with Logan, dubbed, LoVe, is most beloved amongst fans and myself. However, viewers were initially skeptical of LoVe because of their differences and personal issues. Logan Echolls was the guy who broke the headlights on Veronica’s car, ridiculed her daily and was the best friends with her ex; as Keith Mars said, “what’s the attraction?”

While LoVe certainly lends credence to opposites attracting, their connection to Lilly Kane, Logan’s former girlfriend, is what fosters the bond between Veronica and Logan. The switch from mortal enemies to personal confidants a result of two guarded, hurt people allowing themselves to heal in spite of tragedies.

It is a shame Jason Dohring and Kristen Bell are not given more recognition for their roles as Logan and Veronica. Bell and Dohring create a sense of connection between their characters and audience members through humor and humanity. Veronica and Logan become real because their perspectives and motivations change as the show progresses.
No other show evokes as much excitement, joy, anger and sadness as the Veronica Mars series has for me. Complex, believable characters gives Veronica Mars a sense of humanity rarely found in teen dramas. Instead of plot less sitcoms with cheap one-liners, running television shows should strive to create more realistic and identifiable characters like Veronica Mars.

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