Thu. Aug 11th, 2022
Nathan Stafford, junior, hits at practice. The Leesville men’s tennis team’s record is currently 1-5.

The Leesville men’s tennis team has had a pretty good season so far. They have practiced hard and played hard.

Their current record is 1-5, with their win against Wake Forest-Rolesville, but they have been working to get better and better. They have been steadily improving as the season goes on.

“We hit around, coach will give us some drills, and we do a lot footwork and running,” said Michael Schaefer, sophomore, of what tennis practices look like.

“We hit with each other and we have a ball machine that one of the players provided,” said Nathan Stafford, junior.

The boys have played several teams so far, but Broughton was the most difficult opponent for them to play.

“Broughton [was our toughest opponent] because they always just win. They’re really good,” said Schaefer.

Win or lose, the enthusiasm of the boys about playing is obvious.

“[Being on the tennis team] is fun and the guys are cool to hang out with.” said Stafford.

“I do tennis because I’ve done it my whole life, and my family has done it,” said Schaefer.

The tennis team is obviously doing well and looking to improve. Hopefully they will get another win at their next match, which is at home against Sanderson on April 9.

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