Saving an endangered…class?


At Leesville Road High School, the Honors Psychology course is in danger of extinction. With both AP and Academic courses being offered in the subject, people are shying away from Honors. Psychology, of course, is the study of human behavior.

Christina Fishbane, one of the last Honors Psychology teachers at Leesville, feels strongly about the class. “Psychology is a great class that makes you think about various topics in a deeper and more thoughtful way,” said Fishbane.

According to Fishbane, “The class is the perfect elective for the student who is not interested in an AP course but still wants the challenge of an academic (honors) elective that delves into a variety of interesting and relevant topics.”

Psychology makes students all over the world think about various topics in a deeper way. The topics taught in the class range from the reasons visual illusions work to how colors are controlling your mind. Stress, eating disorders and depression are also some of the various topics that are taught in class.

While students are taking the class, they are exposed to different material than the AP or Academic classes. Recently, the Honors Psychology classes conducted an experiment wherein the students had to break a social norm. Some students just went out without makeup, but some went so far as to crossdress. This just goes to show how a class with such a varied schedule can open new and interesting opportunities to students.

Sadly, the class numbers are dwindling. Some people just don’t think that an honors class has enough bang for its buck, while others just want the easier credit of academic classes.

Needless to say, if you are interested in keeping the Honors Psychology class alive at Leesville, sign up for it next year. You’ll be glad you did.


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