A powerless senior’s opinion

Gabe Romero, senior, reacts to the thought of his upcoming exams. It is a terrifying thought for everyone.
Gabe Romero, senior, reacts to the thought of his upcoming exams. It is a terrifying thought for everyone.

The exemption policy for senior exams is as follows: 3 absences for an “A”, 2 absences for a “B” and 1 absence for a “C.” One unexcused absence and a student is forced to take all of his/her exams.

The main purpose in having seniors take their exams is to bolster test scores and the school’s overall report card. The school benefits from smart seniors taking their exams because they will do well on them, which in turn makes the school and teacher look good.

While that is a valid point, by the time students are seniors they have already taken 24 exams. Regardless of their GPA, senior students have already contributed to the overall test scores of their school.

First of all, if you have an “A” in a class, most likely you do not miss very much school. “A” students are typically punctual teenagers who are driven by either their parents, colleges or the few that are completely self-motivated (props to you).

I believe that if you have an “A” or “B” in a class you should not have to take the exam. The exam exemption policy in place now only encourages students to attend school. If having an “A” or “B” in a class ensured exemptions, then students would be encouraged to focus on their grades.

What happens if a students catches the flu? Or has a surgery and misses more than 3 days? They are automatically forced to take all of their exams because they missed school.

“I like the policy. I think attendance should be encouraged because students who regularly attend school typically have better grades. I do think that there should be some exceptions made for hospitalization or death of a family member,” said Mrs. Moody, administrator.

Simon Burke, senior, had a concussion last semester and missed over a week of school. Not only was he swamped in make up work, but he also had four exams to prepare for as well.

“The policy isn’t fair. I understand why they do it to keep kids in school but there are circumstances where there should be exceptions,” said Burke.

Being a senior already comes with overwhelming responsibilities. Scholarships, applications, deadlines, college tours, recommendations, leadership, and volunteering are just some of the vast stressors seniors are expected to endure.

“When I am a senior I will want to be exempt from my exams. I think it is fair to exempt students based off grades instead of attendance because that will motivate me and all students to do better in school,” said James Dealmeida, freshman.

I think that if a student has an “A” or “B” in a class they have already proven their dedication and success in a class and therefore should not have to take the final exam regardless of their attendance. Juniors, sophomores and freshmen should still have to take their exams.



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