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Voices against violence

Mr. Korreck’s Advanced Digital Media class created a short video to bring attention to domestic violence. They were recognized and given awards at the Poe Center.

Leesville’s digital media class was given a chance to shed light on the idea of an abusive relationship.

On Tuesday, February 28, Mr. Korreck’s Advanced Digital Media class was recognized for a screening of their film about domestic violence. The group, which included contributions from Madison Heffron, Alan Bishel, Allison Perrin, Courtney Moore, Whesam Nemer, Ian McCay, and Alec Kunkel, screened their film at an event for InterAct.

InterAct is a non-profit organization that is focused on helping people who have been victims of domestic abuse.

“The orginazation contacted Dr. Huber in student services, who forwarded the opportunity to me,” said Mr. Korreck. “My advanced digital media students worked on it last year [in 2012].”

The event was held at the Poe Center. Different groups prepared a variety of films for the occasion, and each group was recognized after the screening of their film.

“This was the first award that a digital media class has recieved at Leesville,” said Courtney Moore, who helped with the short film. “It was a really cool experience.”

This film, which served as a Public Service Announcement, was written and directed by Chelsea Lee. In the beginning, it shows a couple happily in love– holding hands, texting, talking. It progresses into a scene where a girl is talking to her friends, and her ‘boyfriend’ grabs her, leads her away, and begins to yell at her. From here, it escalates into violence.

To see the full film, click on the link here.

“This entire project really taught me about time management and helped me to improve my filming skills,” said Chelsea Lee, the creator of the storyline. “It was a really stressful process. I don’t think I could’ve done it without [Mr. Korreck’s] moral support and instruction.”

The group worked on the project and finished it in less than a week.

Most of the films from the event (from other groups) showed abuse from the victim’s perspective.

“I wanted mine to be different,” said Lee. “I wanted the message to be that if you know someone in an abusive relationship, speak up. It’s your job to say something.”

The group worked on it in their digital media class, and did little work outside of school. Korreck plans to get his digital media classes involved in project similar to this in the future.

“The group represented both themselves and the school well,” said Korreck. “Any opportunity for a wider audience– outside of our school– is a good opportunity that I’m glad they were able to have.”



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