Mon. Aug 8th, 2022
The team shared a cake which included a photo iced on. The banquet gave all of the athletes a chance to come together and socialize.

Leesville’s Swimming and Diving team held a banquet on Wednesday, February 20.  The banquet featured many events, such as the giving of the Coaches’ award and the awarding of varsity letters.

The Coaches’ award is given to the two swimmers who have the best work ethic and prove themselves as leaders.  This year the award was given to Brooklynn Adkins and Jacob Montgomery.  Varsity letters are awarded to students who either drop 5 percent of one of their times or score 17 points, a tough task indeed.

Students enjoyed a variety of activities at  the banquet, including receiving feedback from coaches, said Brooklynn Adkins, senior.  As the swimming and diving season had ended and athletes knew all of their times, coaches were able to provide better constructive criticism.

Wednesday was one of the final times that the team will come together this season and the banquet really gave the athletes the chance to come to one place to eat and socialize, said Michael Austin, sophomore.

The banquet also helps for next year, as it allows the team to plan and be on the same page, said Adkins.  Although a lot of the athletes will not return next year, the input they can give the team is invaluable due to their experience.

Said Emily Izquierdo, swim team head coach, “The banquet was a time for the entire team, as well as the parents, to come together.”

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