High hopes for men’s tennis


In addition to new players, this year’s men’s tennis team will be starting the season with a new coach.

Kyle Myers, who will replace Dr. Raymond Stone as coach, already has bright plans for the season, saying in an email interview one of his goals is to “improve team chemistry.”

“We will be involved in the community and doing more team bonding activities. Also, we are going to work on the cohesiveness of the team both physically and mentally,” said Myers via email.

Myers hopes to carry on a winning tradition at Leesville and believes everyone will play an integral part in the team’s success while they compete with the best in North Carolina.

“[I’m] looking forward to seeing our team grow and experience success throughout the season,” Myers said.

Jacob Blackmon, sophomore, intends to try out for the team this year and has been practicing every day in preparation.

“[I want] to strengthen the abilities I already have… to where I can hit a good ball every single time,” Blackmon said about his goals this season.

The biggest thing Blackmon is looking forward to this season is overall improvement in his game, but Adam Eisenberg, a returning player and sophomore, is most looking forward to the new players.

“We’re going to try to do better than last season, and we’re getting a new coach, so hopefully that will help us,” said Eisenberg.

Myers’ passion for tennis should certainly make a difference.

“I love coaching tennis… I enjoy seeing kids achieve their highest goals set for themselves and in return experience success through hard work, dedication, persistence and a never-give-up attitude,” said Myers via email.

As the new season begins, things are looking up for men’s tennis, but only time will tell whether the hard work will pay off.


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