Ward leaving before second semester


Some changes in administration will be occurring in the near future at Leesville Road High School. Mr. George Ward III is leaving his position as Assistant Principal on January 23.

Ward will be taking another position which involves recruiting individuals from the math and science industry to become teachers.

The Board Of Education has talked to qualified candidates to fill the vacancy and has come to a decision. There should be little to no gap as the new administrator takes up the duties that Mr. Ward once held.

Dr. Muttillo had some kind words to say about Ward. “He’s calm and soft spoken, but at the same time he is very thorough which makes him a good fit as an administrator.”  Ward is definitely not the type to get in your face and yell at you which is what makes him appealing to many students according to Muttillo.

Ward will be missed most in the cafeteria lunch line where he always seemed to know when a student was trying to sneak some food past the lunch ladies.

As Ward reminisced about his time at Leesville he said his favorite memory of his time at Leesville is the Loonies. “I will never forget how energetic and excited they were at each and every football game,” said Ward.

One thing that Ward has learned as an administrator at Leesville is that even though Leesville is a fairly large school, there are a lot of individuals that make up the smaller communities. “That’s what’s really important, the individuals,” said Ward.

Ward said that he will definitely miss interacting with the students at Leesville. “I’m going to miss watching students grow and helping them mature.”

Leesville has also changed Ward in many ways. He has grown as a person while working with the students at Leesville, and he also considers the experience he has gained as an administrator priceless.

Ward is much more adept at understanding situations that students may be in as a result of his time as an administrator as well.

Overall, Ward wants to be remembered as a person who genuinely wanted to work with students and had a love for the Leesville community. ‘It’s a great community, great students, great faculty and a high quality high school,” said Ward.


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