Resolve to resolve…or not


New Years resolutions are a common tradition among Americans. The basic principle is that if people make a goal at the start of the new year, then they will stick to that goal. Some people adhere religiously to their resolutions, while others find, at the end of that year, that they still haven’t gotten around to achieving that goal.

Some people, like JC Zargo, sophomore, aren’t particularly fond of New Years resolutions.

“People just wait until the new year and say they’re going to do stuff to be a better person, but then they never follow through with that. I don’t know why we wait to the beginning of the year,” said Zargo, sophomore.

Some think that New Years resolutions are goals that are broken almost immediately and don’t really understand the purpose behind New Years resolutions.

Others, like Shaelynn Warkentin, sophomore, like the principle of New Years resolutions. However, they modify New Years resolutions a little bit in order to take them more seriously.

“I don’t make New Years resolutions, I like to think of them as goals. I’m not resolving to do something, I’m aiming to do something. [My goal] is something I want to accomplish, not something I just want to do for a whole year,” said Warkentin, sophomore.

Luiza Lopez, junior, is very much a fan of New Years resolutions. She and her family make it a big part of their life to try and help them make a change for the better.

“I try to do things that, by the end of the year, will have made a difference in my life. They will make me feel better about myself or will have made a difference in other people’s lives,” said Lopez.

Because New Years resolutions are so important to Lopez, she has a dedicated tradition that helps her keep up with her yearly goals. Lopez, her mom and her sister have a board that they put their resolutions on as a reminder to stick to them. If they stick to their resolutions that week, they put $5 in a jar. At the end of the year, they buy themselves something with the money that they have collected in the jar.

Different people have different traditions regarding New Years resolutions. Some find them to be ridiculous, and others make them an important part in their life.


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