Tue. Jul 5th, 2022
Schools across North Carolina will no longer use the computer program North Carolina Window of Information on Student Education, or NCWise, as of May 1. LRHS is among these schools to transition to PowerSchool, the new default school information program.

Losing the school database NCWise is buzzing around North Carolina about its replacement and effect on student schedules. The new database, PowerSchool, intends to simplify the way student information and study resources are found.

The program has several advantages over its predecessor NCWise. According to the NCDPI Guiding Principles for NC WISE transition to Powerschool presentation, PowerSchool will be more flexible for Charter schools, improve data accuracy and better secure private information.

Mr. Greene, head of student services, says that while SPAN will remain the same, the shift from NCWise to PowerSchool will affect class registration for the following year.

“During the transition from the current program, NCWise, to Powerschool, which will take until late July, we will not be able to make any adjustments to student class selections. Therefore students will need to be very sure of their course selections this year as changes will for the most part not be possible after May 1,” said Greene.

Returning Leesville students are encouraged to meet with counselors about their schedules Feb. 18. It is important to have a solid plan for final class selection on SPAN during March 1-9.

According to Greene, “First semester teachers begin inputting recommendations Monday, Jan. 7 and second semester teachers will begin inputting recommendations on Feb. 18.”

These dates are important deadlines to keep in mind if considering classes that require early audition or application such as Capital Pride chorus, Main Stage theater, Yearbook or Newspaper.

Bethany Farmer, junior and Yearbook staff member, says, “The application deadline definitely moved up this year since I applied last year. I think it will put stress on a bunch of students to be so sure about your classes this early. My advice is to stay organized and on top of the deadlines, especially for classes that require an application like Yearbook.”

Greene agrees with Farmer and encourages students to be proactive in setting their schedules early, in order to prepare for the shift to PowerSchool.

While NCWise comes to an end, the beginning of PowerSchool introduces a more comprehensive and diverse database program.

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