High schoolers help middle and elementary students learn


On January 8, Leesville launched the Community Tutoring Program where high schoolers help middle and elementary schoolers with their schoolwork.

Wendy Smith, a parent and former teacher at both Hunter and Durant schools in Raleigh, started the program, noticing a need for high schoolers’ contributions to their community.

“I’d already seen that [high schoolers] tutor each other during [Pride Period] at Leesville, but I wanted to see something where they could help younger students,” said Smith.

Smith saw the perfect opportunity in Leesville’s main campus — the high, middle and elementary schools are all right next to each other. Students could use their resources and help younger students in need of tutoring.

The program is open to all students and takes place after school on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 3 to 5 p.m. The commitment to tutor is monthly, and the days spent volunteering can be adjusted according to the schedules and the clubs one may be involved with.

Tutors in the program earn two service hours per afternoon spent volunteering. The two hours are split between the middle school and elementary school, where students aid in both reading and math.

Aside from service hours, the program is prime college application material. The program will look great for anyone looking to apply at any school.

Alli Perrin, sophomore, plans on participating in the program because of what she has seen helping her younger brother with his schoolwork.

“With my little brother, and with young children in general, after a full day at school… the last thing they want is for their parents nagging them to do their homework,” said Perrin.

Perrin enjoys learning and believes having fun makes learning easier. She believes with the aid of someone like a peer, younger students would enjoy learning more, thereby simplifying it for them.

“If a high schooler were to help them they could see it more as a friend helping them and not just a parent telling them what to do,” Perrin said.

Perrin also thinks it is important that a parent started the program.

“[The program] was founded by a parent, and that demonstrates how parents are trying to be proactive on their children’s impact on other kids’ lives,” Perrin said.

Forms to sign up for the program are available on the school website. Any student proficient in reading or math should think of signing up.


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