Mon. Aug 15th, 2022
Each inductee gets to light their own candle with an officer. There are many traditions — like the hat and candle tradition — in ITS induction process.

The International Thespian Society’s celebrated its new inductees and their excellence in theater and technical work. The inductees, their families and other ITS members gathered in Leesville’s cafeteria for the inductions on the evening of December 3.

Troupe #5540, the ITS troupe at LRHS, gained eight new members. The fall inductees are Jamie Blades, Ellen Farkas, Chris Holland, Hayden Moody, Remi Olagoke, Julian Taylor, Sierra Thomas and Amber Travers.

Every year during inductions, the inductees are dressed in silly hats that the officers create to make the inductees stand out. These hats, typically covered in streamers, balloons and other fun toys, are a way for the students to be recognized by their peers on their theater achievements.

During the day, inductees are subjected to orders of the members.

Members can order the inductees to do basically anything that upholds the school rules. For example, a member may tell an inductee that every time someone says their name they must make cat noises or do a silly act in response. This tradition creates memories for the inductees and club members.

Following the orders of the fellow club members is not required; however, students typically play along for the fun of it.

Outside of wearing silly hats, inductees have to gain 10 “points.” These points come from excellent work on crew or on stage. These hard-working students gain their 10 points through excellent technical and acting work.

During the induction ceremony, ITS officers ask each inductee why they strive to join ITS. This is  followed by a candle lighting. Each inductee had their own, personalized answer, but each answer reflected a common theme — family.

The theater department is known for its community and family feel in its classes and after-school work.

Also at inductions, there were fall awards ranging from best supporting actor to the best designer. This year, props crew racked up the awards. Props crew itself won best crew with one of the crew heads, Leah Mahr, won best crew head. The assistant crew head award went to Kortney Williams, the props assistant crew head. Lastly for props, Melinda Ewbank, senior and props designer, won best designer.

Kordell Draper and Jessie McGuire won Best Actor in a leading role and Best Actress in a leading role, respectively, and Remi Olagoke and Ford Nelson won Best Supporting Actress and Best Supporting Actor.

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