Fri. Aug 19th, 2022
Enjoying an amazing deep-fried cinnamon roll wrapped in bacon, the newest food item at the fair. The item was first created by Butch Benavides, a cook from Texas, at the Big Tex Choice Awards.

Following the tantalizing scent of fried dough and other delicacies at the North Carolina State Fair, I wind up at the end of a never-ending queue.

Luckily, this food stand has the very item I crave.

Ever since I heard about the fried bacon-wrapped cinnamon roll, I wanted to try one.  When my turn at the front of the line came, I was quick to hand over my last five dollars in exchange for a golden brown, batter-dipped, powdered sugar covered, bacon-wrapped, roughly spherical chunk of ambrosia.  The holding stick bent under the weight of the cloyingly sweet concoction that begged to be eaten.

The smell overwhelmed me, quickly replacing the many smells of the fair.  The first amazing bite sent my taste buds into overdrive; they tried to tame the stampede of flavors competing for dominance.  The sweet icing, savory bacon and smooth and fluffy batter combined to form what is now my favorite State Fair food of all time.

The roll had me in a food-induced coma, which was only broken off by my two brothers surrounding me and incessantly begging for a bite.

My family and I quickly finished off the rest of the confectionery and headed home.  We will definitely make it a tradition to have one of these every year.

I strongly recommend that you and your family do the same, as the experience will bring you closer together.  Nothing says quality family time like 730 calories of deep fried deliciousness.

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