Fall Fashion: The how’s, if’s, and but’s about it

Monet Miller shows off her fashion sense. She makes her style reflect her personality: fun, colorful, and bold!
Monet Miller shows off her fashion sense. She makes her style reflect her personality: fun, colorful, and bold!

For some people, fashion dictates everything about how they go out. It governs everything, from deciding whether to wear wool or cotton (oh, such a dilemma!) to how they pinup their hair. With the coming of a new season, old clothes are tossed out and new ones replace them, which is always an exciting process.

For others, style is not so important. Personally, my favorite jeans and a cute T-shirt thrown over a cami has always worked for me.

KT Underwood, junior, also tosses on whatever is practical. “Like today, it’s really warm outside, so I’m wearing shorts and a T-shirt, but for the classrooms, I brought a jacket.” she said.

Another student, Sam Ball, senior, shares the same opinion. “I just don’t think it really matters.” she said. “It’s not important to me, being comfy is more important to me. I mean, I’ll dress up if I need to but, given the choice, I’d rather just be in comfortable clothes.”

Many students concur with these two girls, but others prefer to look more put together. Sam Griffin, senior, is one of these students. “I like to look nice.” he said. “I like wearing button downs.” Griffin is known for his trademark button-downs, adding to his neat and tidy look.

Looking around the hallways at Leesville, it is certainly obvious that many students share this opinion as well, with some prominently standing out as the more fashion-forward students in the school.

With new clothes coming into style all the time, it can be hard to decide what to wear with what, especially with bold colors or patterns. Now, I’m not a super fashionista in any sense.

However, in an effort to try new things and perhaps become a fashion presence, I decided to ask some fashion-forward students here at Leesville just what the Fall fashion do’s and don’ts of 2012 are.

Fashion Do’s and Don’ts:

As according to Monet Miller, senior:
Do: Dress according to your personality and who you are. Mix it up a little sometimes, but make sure you always feel comfortable and confident in what you are wearing!
Don’t: Try to dress like someone else. Everyone has their own personal style, make your own!

As according to Glamour.com:
Do: Dress up in cozy knits. Cuddle up in your favorite sweaters and show off your cute fall look!
Don’t: Be shy: be brave and mix pieces like rustic sweaters with “dance-floor-ready” bottoms.
Do: Stick to similar colors to make pieces feel more natural together.
Don’t: Save bright colors for spring! You don’t have to wear dark, boring colors just because it’s winter; jazz it up a little with splashes of color!

As according to Squidoo.com:
Do: Try out a classic boot cut. Put away those skinny jeans and experiment with this slimming and stylish cut.
Don’t: Wear leggings by themselves (not that it’s allowed at school anyways). Pair them with a skirt, dress, or shorts. If you want to be really bold, try wearing a really long shirt or cardigan over them, but long enough to cover everything.
Do: Keep an air of mystery about you. Instead of revealing everything (especially you girls!) with plunging necklines or super-short skirts, keep those guys guessing!
Do: Break out your favorite fall flannels! Pairing a flannel shirt with either boot-cut or bell-bottom jeans brings out the cute country girl within.

Altogether, dress like yourself, and bring out your personality through your own unique style!


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