Sun. Aug 14th, 2022
Some girls have gone as far as monogramming their toenails. This is a phenomenon I will never understand.

Everywhere I look, I see monograms. Monogrammed cars, wallets, backpacks, shirts, shoes, phone cases, everything. I have even seen jean pockets and toenails with a girl’s monogram. Girls have dominated the monogram world.

While writing this article, I couldn’t find a single guy with anything monogrammed.

I understand monogramming your wallet, backpack, or a keychain, but all three? It seems like a little much. I have the back of my car monogrammed and I have a keychain with an “S” on it, but I think there is a difference between just enough and too much.

Caitlyn Greene, junior, is someone I call a monogram maniac. She has her shirts, cheerleading bows, shorts, jeans, car, cell phone, keys, backpack, necklaces, earrings and bracelets monogrammed. Not only does she monogram almost everything she owns, she wears them all at the same time.

“Well I don’t wear monogrammed shirts and jeans together, but my monogrammed earrings and necklace go with everything,” said Greene. “Everyone always asks me if I just really like my initials, but I honestly just think it’s cute.”

When asked if any of her friends are as crazy about monogramming things, she replied, “No one monograms their stuff more than me.”

Here’s the real question: why? It seems a bit odd to put your initials on everything.

“I saw monogrammed stickers for your nails and toe nails at a store in North Hills. I have never seen anyone else with their nails monogrammed, and I thought it would be cute,” Alex Stephens, sophomore, a fallen victim to monogram madness.

Have a few things monogrammed? That’s understandable. Monogramming everything you own? Unnecessary, strange and excessive.

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