Thu. Aug 18th, 2022
The Leesville Road High School Wrestling Team at the wrestling informational meeting. The team has many returning members this year, as well as a few promising new recruits.

Football might get more of the glory, but the thousand-year-old sport of wrestling is alive and well at Leesville.

“[Wrestling] teaches you discipline, gets you into shape, and strengthens your mental toughness,” said Shayaan Sarfraz, a wrestler for Leesville High School. “The most challenging thing is when the team points are low, and you have to win your match for your team to win.”

Jason Wyss, Leesville’s wrestling coach, says he’s looking for strong work ethic and willingness to try when he scouts for new members of his team. Wyss has a passion for the sport and likes introducing people to the sport he loves. The team is open to everybody, as they have a wide range of spots, ranging from lightweight to heavyweight wrestlers..

Nico Buico, sophomore and veteran player, says that the hardest part of being a team member is being very careful about what they eat or drink. Wrestlers have to stay at the top of their weight category but not go over.

During the off season, most of the team practices and works out at Capital City Wrestling. This keeps the team conditioned and ready for the regular season. “I think we will be second in conference this year, and will have at least 3 state qualifiers,” said Buico.

Matt Cesari, junior, said that in January you hit a wall. But being on the wrestling team does offer some perks. He says you meet new people and the glory is all on you when you’re on the mat.

As Cesari points out, “You do as well as you work.”

Everyone makes the team, although varsity is chosen by Wyss. However, if you can wrestle and beat the others in your weight class, you can earn your way to a varsity position.Their first official match starts Dec 2.

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