Mon. Aug 8th, 2022
Perhaps this student left his lunch in one of his previous classes and now sits hungry and alone while an upperclassman enjoys his lunch much like I did.

Walking into newspaper for third period is all too new. All the years (one) I’ve been in newspaper, it was first period. Mr. Broer broke our hearts as gently as he could manage at the end of last school year:  “Newspaper is third period now.”

By the imposing powers that be, Mr. Broer was assigned to C lunch. I haven’t had C lunch since my first semester of my freshman year. My poor stomach is accustomed to eating over an hour earlier than C lunch, which is from 12:09-12:49. Everyday is a struggle between going insane and waiting patiently for lunch.

One day, I walked into class and my gal pal Hailey Stephenson was holding a grocery bag full of food. At first glance it looked like a trash bag.

She said she found it and didn’t know whose it was. I’m not sure if the Wal-mart bag’s inviting smiley face convinced me to eat it or my relentless, starving stomach.

Hailey was about to pass out. We have bestie telepathy, and I took one look at her and I knew– she must eat. And what kind of friend makes their dying friend eat alone? I was compelled to eat it.

While I was eating the delicious, sketchy meal I began to think about the poor freshman who left it. Looking back on it now, I can’t believe I ate food that my friend found on the floor.

I will never forget the beautifully crafted bagel thin with fresh ham and cheese. What is the sauce your mommy put on there? It’s delicious.

The honey bun was a nice touch, too. Hailey needed something to help with her blood sugar. You are a hero, forgetful freshman. I am eternally grateful.

My word of advice to all freshman in the preceding classes before newspaper: Do not leave food behind, ever. It will get eaten. I would like to give a special thanks to the forgetful freshman who saved my bestie’s life. Much appreciated.

2 thoughts on “Forgetful freshman saves two lives”
  1. Wonderful article to read as I hungrily munched my morning banana two hours early because I was famished!

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