Defy Gravity defies expectations

Two boys show off their acrobatic skills. Defy Gravity has over 30 trampolines to jump on.
Two boys show off their acrobatic skills. Defy Gravity has over 30 trampolines to jump on.

Have you ever wished that you could fly? Now you can, or at least come pretty close at Defy Gravity, the indoor trampoline experience in Durham.

On Saturday afternoon, my crew and I left for the jumping palace. The arena consisted of a floor completely covered with trampolines that reach up onto the walls, allowing plenty of flipping space for our one hour session. We faced quite a mass of people upon entering, but the workers keep the crowds under control by only allowing a certain number of people into the amazing arena at a time.

After exploring the entire floor of trampolines, we traveled to the humongous foam pits that you can dive into. They do, however, create quite a challenge to climb out of.

But nothing compared to what we did last: dodgeball. Defy Gravity contains one the largest, most awesome dodgeball cages in America, allowing plenty of space to wail on your friends while diving in all sorts of directions to avoid the incoming balls.

For those who can jump really high, they hang objects, such as a punching bag and balls, from the ceiling and if you can hold onto the objects for five seconds, you are awarded a free session.

It is not just four walls of fun. Defy Gravity is a great way to exercise. Workout classes are even offered at night that burn 1000 calories in an hour, some of which plan to attend in the future.

Defy Gravity has all kinds of different activities to offer and is definitely something I recommend to do with your friends or family. This is no  mere bouncy castle; it is a giant fortress of flying fun.


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