AGT shows true talent on TV

AGT shows true talent on TV
AGT shows true talent on TV

Finally, a winner.

As my devout readers (and closest friends) know, I have a strange love, some say addiction, to television singing competitions. From The Sing-Off to The Voice to Duets, I’ve sat through them all, but was always left craving something more.

That all changed this summer as I discovered America’s Got Talent, or, as the show is affectionately known as, AGT. When I first tuned-in some two months ago, I honestly had no idea what to expect; after all, America’s Got Talent is open not only to every kind of act, but people of all ages and walks of life.

Since that fateful day in June, what I have seen has completely changed my perception of what it means to be both talented and creative.

For example, one contestant, William Close, has quickly become a frontrunner to win the entire show with his innovative musical instrument, the earth harp. Close combines his harp with several of his other homemade devices to create a never-before-seen musical symphony.

Another judge favorite, David Garibaldi and his CMYK’s, mixes painting and dance to create amazing works of art in under 90 seconds. The fast-paced, constant motion of the act causes the audience to forget the real focus of the show, Garibaldi’s artistic talent.

These two acts serve as a perfect representation of the diversity that defines America’s Got Talent; after all, one person can only tolerate so-many mediocre singing shows.

In addition to the variety of talents showcased on AGT, the producers of the show understand that the modern world is constantly changing and so have adapted their show to include modern conveniences, most notably social media. In fact, several stages into the competition, there was an entire Youtube round, where acts that auditioned online were given the opportunity to join the show halfway through.

Two years ago, classical singer Jackie Evancho found worldwide fame as she catapulted from the Youtube auditions to second place in the entire competition. While age and other restrictions would have made it impossible for Evancho to compete on shows such as American Idol, the use of social media on America’s Got Talent allowed her the chance to compete and succeed.

On the whole, I struggle to find fault with the show in any facet. The combination of incredible, diverse talent, in addition to the modern twist on auditions, along with a whole list of other factors, has helped to cement America’s Got Talent as my favorite of the many reality television contests currently out there.


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