Fri. Aug 19th, 2022

Ms. Golden usually receives visits in her office from people two or three times a week. She says her favorite part of her job is helping teachers teach their curriculum.

When you hear the word “administrator” or “assistant principal,” thoughts of suspensions and detentions might come to mind. This was true for me until one day that I saw my friend crying in the hallway on our way to lunch.

Usually a bubbling, happy person, this individual was extremely distraught over lies her peers reported to a teacher about her. After we tried to console this person, Ms. Golden, assistant principal, walked by us and sternly told us to join her in her office. We obeyed.

Upon my entering a principal’s office for the first time, she offered us seats, and inquired what was wrong with our upset comrade. Already knowing the story I was about to hear, I paid strict attention to the surprising way Ms. Golden treated us. I noticed she acted as if we were all the same age, with no titles, and no differences at all. It felt as if my friend had sought to confide in an old friend who knew just what to say.

Instead of asking for names she could write up, Golden offered simple advice that anyone could follow. Really, her tips could be applied to many aspects of life. After our companion was reassured by our new friend Golden, we exited the office with a new outlook.

I never really stopped thinking about those ten minutes we spent in her office. She immediately addressed the issue and shared some insight on how to better handle situations throughout our high school, and life experiences.

I had to know why she felt the need to reach out to an upset student, because isn’t that the job of our counselors? During my second voluntary trip to her office, I asked how she would describe her job. She laughed and explained, “To assist students to get the best education possible, regardless of anything else that might hinder that.”

And she essentially carried out this goal when she helped my friend that day. She went on to say that she has similar interactions with mostly females, two or three times a week.

I blatantly asked her about her “chill” behavior during our previous rendez-vous. “I don’t think [students] are different than I am.” She added that her title doesn’t tempt her to talk down to students. “At the end of the day, we are all here for the same reason.”

She concluded our interview by saying she strives to create a “relaxed environment” for the students of Leesville. The way that she made us feel that day, I couldn’t be described in a better way.

2 thoughts on “Golden goes beyond discipline”
  1. I have witnessed Ms. Golden’s amazing people skills on a number of occasions this year! She is just as great at dealing with parents and teachers as she is with students.

  2. Wonderful. Thank you. The perfect article for this rainy morning. I concur and have been witness to many acts of unsolicited kindness on Ms. Golden’s part.

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