The point (or pointlessness) of blogs


Blogs. With the expansion of the Internet, the popularity of blogging has exploded. There are hundreds of thousands of blogs online with people blogging about everything from TV to dinosaurs to the latest fashion trends.

There are several types of blogs, such as entertaining, informative and review. They are all pretty self-explanatory. Entertainment blogs are funny or tell a story. Informative blogs inform people of current issues or news. Reviews rate products and services.

One of the more popular types have become opinion blogs, especially negative opinion blogs. Many people who try to write opinion blogs just end up complaining or they may misrepresent information in order to garner support for their opinions.

My problem with blogs is that oftentimes I feel people hide behind them. Instead of going out into the world and engaging, they sit behind a computer screen and complain about how so-and-so did this wrong and how this or that group screwed up. While blogs can be a useful tool in raising awareness on an issue, often the writer is misinformed and highly biased.

I can appreciate people wanting to express their views on different issues, but I think that many people use blogs just to yell and rant about different things that are wrong with their lives and the world and whatever else they feel the need to yell about.

If every person who had some sort of woe with the world complained about it to strangers on-line instead of trying to solve them in reality, we would never get anywhere. What the world really needs are go-getters who change the things they don’t like so that they don’t have to complain about them on-line.

For example, take Digital Dilemma. It’s written by a 16-year-old girl whose biggest issues in life are people who she thinks are stupid or have limited vocabulary. She has no real reason to share her life story with the world other than the fact that she’s an angsty teenager.

The other problem with these specific types of bloggers is their tendency to dislike all who disagree with them. They aren’t trying to make people think or to expand their own horizons, all they want to do is feed their own personal fires and serve as a fuel to others with the same views.

I know some people need a therapeutic release that blogging may provide for them, but it seems like they could acknowledge the fact that perhaps they had a bad day or are struggling with something that makes them angry. What many bloggers don’t realize is that people are impressionable and will believe their favorite blogger.

So while blogs can be a useful tool or an entertaining distraction, they should not be used to broadcast your negative opinions across the internet without reason.


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