Mon. Jul 4th, 2022
Wikipedia’s Leesville Road page shows itself to the world where anyone can view it. The page has four sections about the various aspects of the school.

In a generation defined by the ever-increasing use of the internet, Leesville can now be found on the popular online database Our relatively new little school has opened up to the world through a source some consider poor for information, but exactly how accurate is its LRHS page?

Wikipedia, a database written and edited by various members, opens up the page with a two sentence summary of our 2,250-student school. I applaud the writers for discovering the birth of the foundation back in 1993.

Then there is the side panel with our basic information. Shockingly, Wikipedia already knows Thomas Dixon is our replacement principal. It also knows our mascot (Leo the Lion), the address, the school colors and (way at the very bottom) The Menagerie and The Mycenaean as its publications… however, they missed the recent change in principals.

In the academics section, the page says that our school only offers 14 AP classes, when in fact we now offer 16 with the addition of AP World History and AP Studio Art. The page, though, came up with some new statistics. According to the page, we have scored 10 whole percent points above the average for the state. The Menagerie, to my dislike, is also featured over The Mycenaean for winning a Columbia University Scholastic Press Gold Medal.

The athletics section is the shortest of four. It mainly concentrates on Leesville’s talented golfers, Larry Han and Grayson Murray. They fail to recognize Grayson Murray graduated early to pursue a professional career in Florida. There is also a short blurb mentioning the nationally ranked Lady Pride soccer team.

Fine arts takes up the majority of the page, probably triple the size of all other sections. This portion of the page is well-informed with the replacement of former band director, David Albert. It explains a history of achievements and band trips taken by the band since the beginning. The chorus follows shortly after with its various awards, the visit to Carnegie Hall and its connections to American Idol singers, Clay Aiken and Scotty McCreery.

Finishing it up at the bottom of the page, I saw the last revision was on April 17, 2012. Although there are some inaccuracies here and there, the authors know their stuff when it comes to LRHS. Who would know so much about Leesville? Is it a parent? Someone in the arts department? The world may never know….. me?

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