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Dr. Muttillo speaks at the Awards Day Ceremony on May 10, 2012. The Ceremony honored many Leesville students for their accomplishments both this year and throughout their high school careers.

Leesville held an Awards Day on May 10, 2012, to celebrate the achievements of students both this and past years.  Most of the awards were given out during the school day on May 10, but some were awarded at a special ceremony that night.  These included special awards for excellence in certain subjects, as well as awards for doing well in competitions.

The ceremony began with an opening by Sarah Martin, Leesville’s student body president.  The podium was then handed over to Dr. Muttillo, Leesville’s new principal, who was very eloquent about how well Leesville has performed over these last few years.  Shortly thereafter, Ms. Golden took over and called forward the chairs of Leesville’s departments to hand out the awards.

The awards ceremony was carried out well and did much to honor student’s accomplishments throughout this year and their entire school career.  The awards also do a lot in the way of motivation for students and should be given to students in recognition of the amount of time they dedicate to a subject, according to Kathleen Arney via email, sophomore and winner of the Chinua Achebe Award for Excellence in English.

Following the bestowing of the awards, the Executive Council for next year was sworn in.  The new council consists of Ingrid Chen, President, Donna Chow and Emily Yoo, Vice-Presidents, Hannah Daley, Secretary, Duane Barksdale, Treasurer, and Jessica Stout, Sergeant-at-Arms.  After all of the members were sworn in, Ingrid Chen, the new Executive Council President, gave some closing remarks.

All in all, the Awards Day ceremony honored Leesville’s students and their accomplishments, and was a great experience for all who attended.

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