Sat. Aug 13th, 2022
Jessica Stout picks up trash during the academic breakfast. Junior Marshals are a huge help during the stressful time at the end of the school year.

As graduation approaches, the need for students to help prepare for graduation arises. Junior Marshals are selected to fill this role and provide extra help to the faculty around the stressful events of graduation.

The Junior Marshals are chosen by Leesville’s counselors based on GPA. There are 20 students selected to be Junior Marshals. The 10 students with the highest GPA are automatically accepted as Junior Marshals while the other ten spots are filled by an application process.

This year’s Junior Marshals include: Duane Barksdale II, Brian Campoli, Ye Won Chin, Jinha Choi, Matthew Conrad, Abby Davis, Theodore Elshof, Melissa Goto, Sean Johnson, Brendan Marks, Jesse Mcguire, Jessica Merdes, Brittany Miles, Alyssa Moser, Merritt Murray, Kristin Nelson, Trey Olson, Rachel Radulovich, Jessica Stout and Julian Taylor.

Jessica Stout was surprised to be chosen as a junior marshal. “I’m excited for the new leadership position,” said Stout. She is looking forward to working to help the upcoming events such as the academic breakfast and graduation. Although being a junior marshal is not particularly difficult, she thinks the biggest obstacle the junior marshals will face is commitment. Stout said that “If all the junior marshals show up and everything runs smoothly then I would consider the junior marshals a success.”

Julian Taylor agrees with Stout when she says that being a junior marshal is not a difficult task, but he definitely felt honored to be chosen as one of the top academic performers in his class. He looks forward to helping out with graduation and directing the seniors.

This year’s junior marshals are a “grade A” representation of the academic excellence and hard work that Leesville’s students exhibit on a yearly basis.

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  1. Thank you for your hard work and dedication. It is most certainly appreciated. Another example of Leesville Pride and great students.

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