Ingrid Chen for the win!

Ingrid Chen ran unopposed for her role in student council at Leesville. She hopes to make lasting changes that will positively affect students to come.

Ingrid Chen, junior and current vice president of the student body, was elected to become executive council president for the upcoming school year. Although Chen ran unopposed, she is extremely qualified for her position in student government.

Ingrid Chen has participated in student council since middle school. “I chose to run for exec because I want to have a greater impact on our school.” Her passion for helping our school and community is reflected in her plans for next year. “I definitely want to organize more fundraisers, this year we only did the food drive.” Chen recently organized a service project for executive council, in which they will help at the Durham Rescue Mission.

Her desire to do more for our school will require much planning. During this summer, Chen will meet and plan with Ms. Mayfield, one of her three advisors. Each month, she and each class president, will meet with the principal to organize school events.

Because of her involvement in various clubs, Chen knows Leesville well. This year, she helped executive council promote the new and improved Winterfest dance with a video and survey. She also noted that this year was the first time the Winterfest assembly and dance had separate themes.

As for her plans after senior year, Chen plans to attend UNC Chapel Hill and study pediatrics. “When my brother was little, he had some health issues and I desperately wanted to help him.” said Chen about her career choice. She blames her caring and considerate attitude on that time she spent with him.

Chen’s stellar academics and involvement at Leesville, she is more than ready to take on the challenges of being executive council president.


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