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Film Club has final meeting of 2011-12 school year

Anonymous came out in late 2011. The movie addresses the controversy that Shakespeare’s work may not be completely original.

On Friday, May 11, Leesville Road High School’s Film Club gathered in room 217 to watch Anonymous, a famous film exploring the authenticity of William Shakespeare’s works.

Typically, the club’s president, Anna Foley, says a few words to start the meeting. However, she was unable to make it to the meeting, so Mr. Phillips, club advisor, gave a brief summary of the film to begin the meeting.

Laura Dellabadia, junior, joined Film Club because she found it interesting that films have meaning behind them.

“We watch the movies and then discuss it as a group. Everyone brings different opinions and ideas and it is fun to see what everyone thinks,” said Dellabadia. ”It’s also a great way to be social.”

Kevin Commons, junior, loves getting to watch movies and analyzing them afterwards. When asked what his favorite part of film club is, he could not come up with just one answer.

“I love everything about the club; it’s too hard to pick one favorite thing!”

When the movie ended, the group gathered to discuss what they had just watched. Zoe Simpkins, vice president of the club, summarized the discussion:

“We just discussed how the plot did not occur chronologically and was somewhat convoluted, which contributed to the ‘obscure history’ of Shakespeare. We also talked about how the lighting was often dark and gloomy which contributed to that element of being shrouded in mystery. In addition, we talked about how historically, a lot of the people who interacted would not have actually interacted but it just added an interesting element to the film.”

This was the club’s last meeting for the 2011-2012 school year. The club will continue to meet next year, though the dates are undecided.



  1. I didn’t realize there was so much to Film Club! Wonderful article – I particularly liked all of the quotes.


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