Corrections and Retractions


May 8, 2012
Dear Mycenaean Readers,

It has come to my attention that the online school newspaper has misrepresented Martin York, Park Scholarship winner, in an article about the value of and reasons for volunteering. I have communicated with the York family about the situation and wanted to let our loyal Mycenaean readers know of our error.

After being notified of our mistake, we removed the article. However, many of you read it through the RSS feed and via email, hence the need to post a retraction.

The school newspaper—its editors, staff writers, and advisor—attempts to represent the events and happenings at Leesville Road High, the surrounding community and lives of teenagers in a fair and honest manner.  Sometimes, student writers make mistakes and include inaccuracies. The representation of Martin York is one of those mistakes.

We will continue to learn from our efforts and to represent Leesville Road High School proudly.

Mr. Eric Broer
The Mycenaean Advisor



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