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New principal to bring stability to Leesville

Dr. Muttillo says that although his current goal is to be the best Leesville principal he can be, he said that when he is a little bit older and has “more gray hair” that he could see himself teaching at a university.

The next principal of Leesville Road High will be current West Millbrook Middle School principal Dr. Muttillo.

He said that he should be taking over “the first week of May, contingent on when an interim principal can be appointed (to West Millbrook).”

When asked via email if being the Leesville principal was a goal of his, Dr. Muttillo said, “Everyday, I think more and more how fortunate I am to hold this position. I couldn’t imagine wanting to do anything else for a long time.”

Dr. Muttillo said that he wants to be open to students like Mr Lyons was.

“I don’t like being stuck in an office during the school day. I want to be out in the classrooms, hallway and the lunch room interacting with students.”

He has one main goal for Leesville: “My goals for LRHS are focused around implementing the new curriculum that all schools are expected to teach next year.”

Dr. Muttillo has been in Wake County for 15 years and has experience as “a teacher, a coach, a testing coordinator, an assistant principal, and a principal.” He held  jobs at Wakefield High and Martin Middle.

Dr. Muttillo received his college education beginning in Pennsylvania at East Stroudburg University; he then received his masters from NC State and his Doctor of Education degree from UNC Chapel Hill. He has lived in Raleigh for 15 years.

Dr. Muttillo says that although he has worked with some of the current staff at LRHS at different schools, he doesn’t know the majority of the staff.

“I look forward to getting to know everyone and working with them to continue to make LRHS the best high school in Wake County.”

Dr. Muttillo wants to bring stability to Leesville, mentioning that as a goal of his.

“We live in a world of constant change.”

Although admitting this, he also mentioned his biggest goal.

“While I am here, I would like to provide stability to the principalship at Leesville Road High.”


  1. I am more than thrilled that Dr. Mutillo will be the new LRHS principal. Both of my kids had him as principal at West Millbrook and he did an awesome job turning that school around.

    I’m sure he will do great things for Leesville and make Mr. Lyons proud.


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