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Bieber’s new song features uncomfortable rap

Justin Bieber’s new song hit #1 on iTunes the day it was released. The song includes a display of Bieber’s rapping abilities and his vocal range.

If Justin Bieber was my boyfriend, he’d never let me go. He told me this in his new song called “Boyfriend.” The much awaited song was released on March 26, reached number one on iTunes the day of its reveal.

Listening to the song for the first time, I immediately noticed a sketchy sound in the background music. I knew it wasn’t Bieber’s flawless voice, but it interfered with his vocals. While the sonar sound was quite a turnoff, I continued to listen–until I heard a creepy, whispering rap. Was this really the song I had looked forward to? Justin Bieber’s rap is less than impressive. The initial rap includes lyrics, “Sitting by the fire while we eatin’ fondue….”, must I say more?

Luckily, after the atrocious intro-rap, the song switches to Bieber hitting wonderfully high notes. This bridge happens to be my favorite part of the entire song. Cutting quickly to the chorus, the bridge is short-lived. However, the chorus is extremely catchy and convincing. Bieber’s smooth voice combined with lyrics every girl wants to hear, makes for an amazing verse. “You’d never be alone…I’d never let you go,” these words could make any girl fall for him.

The rap comes back, unfortunately, and continues in the same, scary, low tone. The stupidity of the rap’s lyrics also continues in the second verse, “I’ma make you shine like you laying in the snow.” The sonar sound distracts the listener from the awful noise, but his voice remains like it’s in the back of your mind.

Bieber soon relieved my ears of his sound and cut back to the lovely bridge. The high notes he is able to hit, show off the vast range in his voice. This feat is truly seductive. The chorus follows, which makes me forget about his rap, and reminds me of why I like the song.

The song finishes with Bieber hitting more extremely high notes. Luckily, the rap ceases to continue and listeners are left satisfied by Bieber’s enchanting performance.

Bieber’s dreamy vocals during the chorus, temper the disturbing rap sections of this song. Overall, the chorus and bridge are the best parts of this song–other than the gorgeous album cover.



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