There’s no wrong direction with OneDirection

One Direction is a sensational boy band that came in 3rd place on the British X-Factor. Their smashing good looks and mellifluous voices have captured the hearts of many.

Tuesday, March 6 was anything but an ordinary day. Despite the dreadful ACT that dragged on for four hours, it was still incredible, because that night I saw…One Direction.

Over the past few months, tickets often times have seemed unattainable. However, thanks to a good friend of mine, I, along with three of my friends, was able to witness the British sensation with my own eyes.

For those of you who do not know, One Direction is a British boy band that came in third place in the England X-Factor. Despite the fact that the concert was actually for Big Time Rush, it seemed a majority of the Durham Performing Arts Center was packed with Directioners (One Direction fans).

As the 7 o’clock showtime approached, my excitement slowly built. I walked into the auditorium to come face to face with hoards of screaming girls. The lights dimmed, my anxiety rose, but unfortunately One Direction did not come on first.

Some worthless opening act began signing. It frustrated me because it was keeping me from my band.

After thirty minutes, the moment came. I could not believe it. The boys I had been obsessing over for the past months, were standing within yards, and they did not disappoint. One Direction wowed the audience with their sweet voices, good looks, and British accents.

Following the conclusion of their opening act, some groups of girls ventured outside to meet them, myself included. My friends and I stood outside in the freezing air for 2 hours and then it happened. The five guys came outside and walked over to the crowd. Standing in the front, I eagerly reached out my arm. My fingers grazed three members of the band. Despite how creepy that sounds, it was incredible. I could not believe it.

I saw these boys feet from me and I felt like I knew them after watching countless hours of online videos. I have never been one to obsess over celebrities that much, but One Direction is different. I feel more of a connection to these guys, who just a few months ago, were just ordinary British boys with a dream.

I have faced plenty of hatred for One Direction, but no matter. I will never forget that night.



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