Tue. Jun 28th, 2022
Leesville’s Mac Lab is located in the basement of the East Building. These wonderful computers arrived in October of 2011.

It is a room that many Leesville kids are unaware of. A room tucked so deep in the school, only a small group of students have seen it. A room full of iMacs lies within Leesville High School, but no one knows about it. Is this secret room forbidden to the rest of school?

The answer is no. The reason most students don’t know about these glorious computers is because Leesville’s “Mac Lab” is located in the basement of the East Building. Very few classes are located on that hall, which doesn’t allow the majority of the student body to see this feat.

Digital Media is the only class taught in the “Mac Lab.” The iMacs are useful for the classes’ production of graphic design, animation, video production and web design. Software such as, Garage Band, Final Cut Pro and Photoshop are used to explore the various branches of digital media.

Mr. Korreck, digital media teacher, said, “Many students in these classes have ambition to work in these fields, where they would use [Macs].” He adds, “Macs are better for digital media because they are faster, they have wide screens with high quality and you can run multiple applications at a time.”

“I want to be become a film director, and [Digital Media] is a good place to start out,”
said Jeremy Shouse, senior. “I think we’re trying to keep it a secret because we love [the Mac Lab].”

Korreck said, “It’s not very well-known because it’s down here. I hope that students who take my classes will come back and use [ the Macs] for other projects. I don’t want this resource to be kept secret.”

One may need to see it to believe it, but there is a room full of iMacs in the basement of the East Building. For those interested in taking digital media and using the Mac Lab, be sure to register for Mr. Korreck’s digital media classes.


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