Capital Pride hopefuls on pitch

Capital Pride held their annual auditions in order to select the students who will represent Leesville Road for the 2012-2013 school year.

Mrs. Covington, chorus teacher, described “CP” as an outlet for students to express themselves in addition to furthering their musical learning.

In the weeks leading up to auditions, Wednesday, March 7, every student was taught the song they were required to perform Wednesday.

Ellie Cain, junior, explained that by teaching each class the same song, everyone had an equal opportunity to succeed. “Since we all did the same song, we all had to learn the same concepts of the song, so no one had a significant advantage in that aspect,” said Cain.

In addition to everyone singing the same tune, auditions were designed to test students on their sight-reading, or ability to sing a piece the first time they see it. Cammie Draper, junior, said, “It is definitely nerve-wracking. You’ve got no idea what to expect, but you have to be able to focus and show that you understand everything about the music.”

While auditions may be stressful, they serve a useful purpose in determining which singers are dedicated to continuing their musical learning.

Cain said, “It’s a humongous honor being chosen. In Capital Pride, it’s much more than just goofing around; we work hard to improve and actually care about the music.”

After another successful year of auditions, Capital Pride for the 2012-2013 school year looks as strong as ever. Said Draper, “Being in CP proves your dedication to improving; after all the contests and concerts we’ve played this year, next year looks to be even more exciting.”


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