Winterfest court prepares to shine


Every February, Leesville’s most presentable students are elected by their peers to appear on Winterfest Court. The Winterfest Court will dress formally and parade down the center aisle at the Winterfest Assembly, taking place on February 24.

The members of each class’s court are put into pairs based on alphabetical order. After being announced and walking down the aisle, the court stands in a semi circle fashion at the front of the gym, so the spectators can see them.

The procession will begin with the freshmen court, consisting of Rachel Essary, Abby Noga, Connor Eller and Logan Rose.

Mary-Kate Bowers, Emily Yoo, Pierce Do and Owen Berg will follow the freshmen, representing the sophomore court.

The junior court consists of eight prized students: Maggie Blythe, Claire Coward, Cammie Draper, Jessica Stout, Brian Campoli, Seth Fulmer, Scott Kreis and Preston Nix.

While the underclassmen court is very important, only the seniors on court will vie to be crowned Winterfest King and Queen.

The senior ladies on court include Melissa Beers, Cami Burns, Jenan Fatfat, Caroline Gentry, Bri Marino, Mary Robert McGrath and Virginia Reed.

The boys that will march along side the girls include Orlando Allen, Drew Casadonte, Luke Emmett, Tyler Glass, Brooks Jordan, Chris Lehman and Bob Nelson.

The Court follows a dress code: Girls are to wear long formal dresses, and boys are to wear tuxedos.

The Winterfest assembly will be perfected over many rounds of rehearsals; however, the Winterfest court members are only required to attend the final two rehearsals, taking place on February 16 and 23.

Many of the members of the court are excited to reap its many benefits. “Court is so fun,” said Emily Yoo, sophomore. “We get to sit up front to watch all of the performances.”

Preston Nix, junior, is similarly excited to sport a tux and wow the crowd: “This is my third year on court, and I’m excited because it’s been fun every year so far,” said Nix.

Chris Lehman, senior, will be making his debut on Winterfest Court this year. “It’s pretty cool, I didn’t expect to be nominated, much less elected to court, so I’m really flattered,” he said. As a runner for the position of Winterfest King, Chris claims that he is just going to “go with the flow.”

Whether participating on court or in the voting, Leesville students are excited for the assembly and the crowning of the 2012 Winterfest King and Queen.


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