JoeVan Loco’s is poppin’


Although Popsicles and coffee don’t seem to mesh, a new espresso bar/frozen pop cafe recently opened on Creedmoor road. The shop, dubbed “JoeVan Loco”, sells a combination of Joe Van Gogh Coffee and Loco Pops. Intrigued by the odd combination, I made a stop at the conveniently located business.

Initially, the decor failed to impress. The store had a cement floor, giving it an awkward, Home Depot feel. The store owners tried to remedy that feeling with a huge oriental rug that seemed oddly out of place. Mismatched tables and chairs filled the rest of the shop, including a green couch that smelled lightly of mildew.

On top of the awkward decor, the shop was utterly silent. Expecting the Bohemian mix that blares from Starbuck’s speakers, or the pop mix that rings in YoMo, the silence made me feel uncomfortable.

Despite my hesitance, I meandered to the counter at the back of the store and glanced over the flavors of Loco Pops. The shop offered four cream flavors (Mexican Chocolate, Cookies and Cream, Chocolate Brownie, Strawberries and Cream) that could be described as “ice cream on a stick.” Next to the cream flavors were the “water-based” pops, (Pomegranate Tangerine, Cherry Lime, Mojito, and Mango Chile) that could be described as sorbet on a stick. These “sorbet” pops are dairy free.

I ordered a mojito pop, and my companion ordered the Mexican chocolate. Both pops were delicious. They perfectly embodied everything one would want in a frozen treat, with twice as much flavor. They come in two sizes: big kid and little kid, and I would definitely suggest the larger, big kid size.

The espresso bar portion of the shop was also notable. Joe Van Gogh coffee imports the finest coffees and roasts locally, in Hillsborough. They consider themselves artisan and are known to produce a very smooth cup of coffee.  However, the Joe Van Gogh portion of the shop makes much more than just a cup of coffee. The Barista will always offer suggestions and prepare you interesting combinations, such as a Mexican chocolate coffee or a mocha mint.

Overall, the shop’s appearance fails to do its treats justice. My suggestion: stop in and try a pop or a coffee, just don’t linger for too long.


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