Sat. Aug 13th, 2022


On days that the Mycenaean staff distribute printed newspapers to the Leesville students and faculty, the online edition posts the same articles that are printed. Tomorrow (February 23), dozens of articles will be posted to over the course of the day. Unfortunately, there is not a way for the staff to amend the number of notifications that subscribed readers will receive. If you wish to unsubscribe before these notifications flood your inbox, the Mycenaean staff understands!

By Virginia Reed, Online Editor

Virginia Reed is a superb writer and an even better friend. She enjoys unhealthy foods and writing sarcastic articles. Virginia is the Online Editor for the 2011-12 school year and was a Managing Editor for the 2010-11 year but has not forgotten her humble beginnings as a staff writer when she was a wee sophomore. Her goals for the future are to get an A in newspaper and to apply to college in a timely fashion.

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