Tue. Aug 9th, 2022
The Aerospace club meets every two weeks, typically on Tuesdays, but a few time on Thursdays. William Dunne, freshman and prospective club member, uses a flight simulator during the meeting.

The Aerospace Club had a meeting this past Thursday, January 26.  However, only three members showed up to the meeting, causing the planned activity, a rocket launch, to be postponed to a future meeting.

William Dunne, freshman and prospective member, was one of the three to show up.  Dunne used the flight simulator throughout most of the meeting and said that the reason he showed up is that he is interested in Aerospace and wants a job in the field later in life.  Dunne found out about the meeting through fliers, but few others did, as almost no one showed up.

Martin York, senior, was also at the meeting.  York said that the Aerospace Club typically does a variety of activities at the meeting, including simulators, wind tunnels and rocketry.  The club also sometimes uses more advanced airplanes using power.

Dan Mungal, senior, was working on his powered plane all during the meeting.  In regards to rocketry, the club decided to postpone the rocket launch to next meeting, and Mungal described some Mentos “rockets” that the club had launched earlier in the year.  However, the Mentos and Coke reaction failed to make the rockets fly.

Even though only three members showed up to this meeting, the club finished many of the projects they had started in Aerospace class, one of the main reasons for the club’s existence.  Dunne also says that he will return soon to join the club officially, a success for a club with few members.  Plans were made to launch rockets in the nearfuture, most likely on Feb. 7 or 14, when the next meeting of the club is tentatively planned.

One thought on “Aerospace club soaring to new heights”
  1. I am interested in contacting this Club to see if they would be interested in helping out with a Fly High children’s program that I am planning here at the Leesville Public LIbrary , right down the street from the high school. I am specifically interested if a couple club memebers would be interested in showing the students the flight simulator and even give the students a chance to try it out themselves.
    I have a retired pilot coming to speak the students, but would really love to have a couple of members from the Aerospace Club come and share in the presentation.
    Interested? Can you email me back as soon as possible. Or, send me the faculty member that I should speak to concerning this. Thank you so much.
    Connie Harr
    Leesville Community Library

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