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The Quizlet logo. Quizlet offers many different modes of studying.
The Quizlet logo. Quizlet offers many different modes of studying.

Tired of copying down definition after definition on cramped flashcards? Try Quizlet.

Quizlet is an online database where students can create flashcards – for free. There’s an unlimited number of flashcards a user can make and share with their friends.

Andrew Sutherland founded Quizlet in 2005 when he was a sophomore in high school. Since then, 7,864,553 flashcard sets have been made. A user can review their definitions in normal flashcard mode, or can use them to make multiple choice tests and study games. Also, people can insert images and audio or study on-the-go with mobile Quizlet app.

“Quizlet is awesome because not only does it let you make flashcards, but it has different games and quizzes you can do,” said Maggie Zargo, junior and frequent Quizlet user. “In Spanish 5 you have to learn about 150 words per week, which is a lot of paper and writing to do. [Quizlet] saves paper and allows you to share your flashcards online with other people. [Quizlet] helps you learn the words as you type them out, too.”

Chad Berwick, senior, creates flashcards for his whole entire Spanish 5 class. “I discovered Quizlet in Spanish 2 when I was a sophomore,” said Berwick. “My teacher, Senora Weber, introduced it to me. I like that it has different ways that you can study, and once I realized I could share my flashcards with everyone else, I did.”

Users can create friends and groups on Quizlet in order to share their sets, but flashcards can also be shared over Facebook.

“Before I share my flashcards with everyone, I’ll get messages asking me if I made them yet,” said Berwick. “People are really glad that I make them.”

Students can go to www.quizlet.com to try out a new way of studying.



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