The rising cost of a priceless lunch

Rani Corak, sophomore, digs into a delicious PB&J during lunch.
Rani Corak, sophomore, digs into a delicious PB&J during lunch.

Due to a blazing inferno across the South this summer, there was a hideous peanut harvest this year. The powerful rays of the sun withered beloved crops. Because of such a disaster, many peanut butter manufacturers are forced to raise their prices by an immense 40%. So what does that  mean for the future of the classic American lunch of a peanut butter and jelly?

Peanut butter is one half of the dynamic duo that provides protein to the growing bodies of American children. The fruit in jelly offers a sweetness found in no other sandwich. The peanut butter’s importance in the sandwich is immeasurable; without that gooey, creamy wonder-spread, the PB and J as we know it would cease to exist.

There is no denying that PB and J is a staple in the American lunch box. Peanut butter and jelly nourished the bodies of many prominent world leaders: Eric Broer, Oprah Winfrey and Will Bennett–it is the foundation of our youth.

The cost of a serving of peanut butter is 45 cents, but according to, the price per serving will increase 4 cents. That means costly lunches for the youth of America.

Because of the country’s economic state, I advise parents not to swap to the always frugal ham sandwich, averaging at 38 cents for serving. That would save approximately 7 cents per lunch, but at what cost?

Yes, the cost of peanut butter may be inching upwards, but the extra pennies do not warrant any change in the hearts and minds of loyal consumers. The fate of these United States of America relies on those who eat PB and J. Making the dreaded switch to ham, not only lacks in taste, but diminishes the future of our country.

Peanut butter is an American tradition; its history dating back to the days of the dinosaurs. Through the Ice Age, the Great Depression and both World Wars, we as a nation have stuck by peanut butter. The minute fluctuation in its cost could not possibly outweigh the life long benefits that it offers to children.

So please, do our rising generations a favor, and stand by our beloved peanut butter.


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