Tue. Aug 9th, 2022
Students who craved a winter exercise fix signed up for the championship-winning and record-setting swim team at Leesville.

Many students showed up at tryouts for LRHS Swimming. The team is looking forward to setting records and winning championships this year, as they have in the past.

Emily Izquierdo, the coach of the swim team, said that the last few years have treated the swim team quite well, with the girls taking home three conference championships in three years, and over 15 swimmers going to States.  Izquierdo also said that the Leesville swimmers will succeed yet again, as a lot of talent is coming into the team this year.

With 69 applicants wishing to join the team, swimming is also one of the more populous sports here at Leesville.  Izquierdo said that “this is the most swimmers that have ever come out for the team.”

Swim team practice began November 7, leaving plenty of time between now and the first meet on November 22 to improve.  Practices start at roughly 5:30 every morning, and run until 6:30.  Swimmers then have 55 minutes to shower, eat breakfast, and arrive at school.  The average practice consists of a 400 yard warmup, followed by around 1300 yards of swimming, which may include drills and sprints.

The swim team gets along really well, with regular events and socializing at practice to form “bonds” between swimmers.  However, the team has some bad habits at practice.  Speaking of poor practice habits, Izquierdo said, “The team really needs to work on coming out to the deck ready to go, and not waste time socializing,” implying that practice time is valuable in the extreme.

Practice is valuable, as without regular practice, the team has no chance of ever becoming better.  “Practice helps us to improve and become better swimmers,” said Brian Campoli, sophomore swimmer.

Some goals for this season include winning another championship and setting even more records.  Daily practice helps the pride swimmers to both set and achieve goals, by increasing both their endurance and their stroke and rhythm.

Practices are daily endeavors which have helped the swim team have amazing seasons in the past, and they are looking to repeat this year.

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