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The cast of New Girl with the eccentric Deschanel lighting up the scene. Photo courtesy of
The cast of New Girl with the eccentric Deschanel lighting up the scene. Photo courtesy of

Simply Adorkable is the tag line for the new Fox comedy The New Girl, featuring Zooey Deschanel.

Created by Elizabeth Meriweather, the show puts an interesting spin on the quirkier people in life. Instead of ridiculing them, Meriweather gives them cute love-able traits that are endearing.

The premise of the show is that Jess, played by Deschanel, is recovering from a bad break up and needs a new apartment. She moves in with three single room mates, all of whom happen to be guys.

There is Winston, played by Lamorne Morris. Winston is incredibly motivated and competitive, but since his run as the point guard on a Latvian basketball team ended, he is not quite sure of the ‘next step’.

Schmidt is the token hot guy. Played by Max Greenfield, Schmidt considers himself extremely hot. He has a bad case of OCD and a slight obsession with Jess’s bestfriend, Cece.

Cece is a model who fits every stereotype that her occupation entails. Both a little too over confident for her looks, Cece and Schmidt have a strange tension because they both consider themselves to be incredibly good looking. Cece is, however, a good, considerate friend who cares for Jess.

The last room mate is Nick, played by Jake Johnson. The New Girl website defines him as “The most grounded and also the most jaded, Nick is a law school dropout who spends most of his time hiding under his hoodie, tending bar at Clyde’s and focusing on fantasy football.” Nick is also recovering from a bad break up. There is an unmistakable chemistry between Jess and Nick, but that has yet to develop in the episodes so far.

Finally, there is Jess the schoolteacher. She is quirky, odd and socially awkward, but loveable. Her bad dating skills are a source of embarrassment as well as humor, and most of the episodes revolve around her awkward dating escapades and her roommates’ reactions.

An example of this quirkiness is Jess’ reaction to a compliment on her black thick rimmed glasses.

“They help me see,” was her simplistic reply.

Another example is the douche bag jar– every time someone (normally it’s Schmidt) makes a rude comment, he puts a dollar in the jar.

The boys try to teach Jess how to be sexy, attractive and normal. Along the way, however, they learn more about themselves than they expect.

Tune into Fox on Tuesdays at 8.


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