LRHS Twitter scandal

An anonymous account, called ‘LRHSUpdate’ showed up on Twitter early October. The account was supposed to keep students updated on the latest ‘drama’ at Leesville, much like a favorite show of many students, Gossip Girl.

Although this is the first account about Leesville drama, many anonymous accounts are constantly circulating Twitter. These accounts allow people to put insults and opinions online, without having to show anyone who they are.

There are, however, websites that enable people to talk about a specific person negatively, such as, which allows students to post comments about teachers at their school. Many blogging sites also allow ‘anonymous’ settings for asking questions, such as Tumblr.

Insulting words are not just from anonymous accounts, though. People use their personal Twitter accounts to “call people out” often, saying something about “someone” who has upset them in some way. This can make people feel attacked and isolated from cliques, and the “in-crowd”.

Technology has allowed people to cyber-bully just by typing and clicking a few words, without thinking of the consequences. In some states, cyber-bullying is punishable by law, including North Carolina. More than that, though, cyber-bullying has caused many people to commit suicide, or fall into depression.

“This new account is just stupid and immature,” said Bess Mercer, sophomore. As talk of the mysterious account filled the halls, many students shared the same opinion.

“hear ye, hear ye! one of the oh so scandalous sophmores is pregnant! that’s right, somebodys got a chicken baking in their oven! guess who?” said LRHSUpdate.

This ‘tweet’ is a perfect example of how rumors spread. No matter how crazy the rumor, people are going to talk about it, and before you know it, everyone has heard the latest gossip. People were very concerned with who was posting the tweets. Not surprisingly, the person they were referring to was also of great interest to everyone.

LRHSUpdate only posted one ‘tweet’ before deactivating, but questions of who the owner was tweeting about still circle the halls.


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