Varsity boys defeated in 2nd round of CAP 8, still hopeful for state playoffs

October 25, the Leesville boys soccer team lost 2-1 to Enloe High School in the second round of the CAP 8 playoffs. It prevents them from a chance to win the Championships, played on Thursday. 

“It really just wasn’t our night,” said Branco Theis, who plays center-midfield for Leesville.

With a 1-1 tie in the last 8 minutes of the game, Leesville had no defensive pressure on Enloe, resulting in a well-struck shot from outside the 18-yard line.

“With barely 7 minutes left in the game, it was difficult to come back and score one again,” said Theis.

The boys played a strong first half, scoring in the 23 minute. They were able to keep control of the game until the second half, when Enloe scored both goals..

“We played really well for 70 minutes, but the game goes on for 80,” said Coach Dinkenor.

Despite Leesville’s hard work, they weren’t able to finish the game off the way they needed to. For now, their seeding is second in the CAP 8, and their road to success begins next week.

“Our goal now is to win State; that the next step for us,” said Dink.

The finals of the CAP 8 Tournament is October 27 at Marshall Hamilton Stadium between Enloe and Sanderson, who defeated Millbrook 1-0.


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