Are high school students too old for trick-or-treating?

Most teens’ plans for Halloween night include going to parties or passing out candy. However, some high school students want free candy, so they are still trick or treating. Are they too old for this childlike tradition?

The stereotypical teenager who goes trick or treating late at night lacks a costume, sabotages property and intentionally scares little kids. They are expected to disrupt quaint Halloween nights.

However, some teenagers do not go trick or treating with bad intentions. A Facebook poll showed that eight out of ten students thought it was perfectly acceptable for teens to go trick or treating. The majority also said there is no age limit on trick or treating. However, two students believed high school students are too old for it.

Adam Moss, junior, went trick or treating, dressed as a football player. He said, “I went to get candy.” When asked his thoughts about an age limit for trick or treating he said, “I think 17 is a good age to stop.”

Some adults frown upon the thought of handing candy to a high schooler.

However, Elizabeth Gilger, Springdale Estates resident said, “I have no problem with it.” She continued: “If [teenagers] go to enjoy the night and to get candy and to say hello to their neighbors and they respect the little kids, as being really the primary ones who need to benefit from the event, I actually think it’s very nice and social.”

Gilger added, “As long as they’re not destructive, as long as they’re just having fun and going house to house and seeing the costumes and enjoying themselves and greeting their neighbors, and not doing anything malicious or underhanded.”

Hopefully, teens decided to trick or treat with the right intentions. As for an age limit, I think that by 17, high schoolers should probably stay home.


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