• July 30, 2021
During the summer months, Page Farms is noted for its ample strawberry patches, allowing families to fill buckets with locally grown berries. Page Farms is currently crossing into the autumn season with fun, fall-themed activities.
Courtesy of Katy Huis.

From its beginnings in 1922 as a hundred-acre tobacco farm, Page Farms has evolved into

a family oriented corn and strawberry farm.

For a mere price of 7 dollars a person, families can visit the farm, travel through a corn maze, take a hay ride, and pick the perfect pumpkin.

Patrons are allowed to roam deeper into the farm moments after paying. Almost immediately, visitors are greeted by a grassy clearing that features rope swings, picnic tables and a play ground made completely from hay bails.

This area is perfect for a family picnic, or a moment of relaxation while awaiting the next hay ride.

The hay ride, driven by a nice old farmer man, may move slowly, but provides a perfect peek into the beauty of the 100 acre farm. The hay tends to find its way into the clothing of riders, but a few hours of itchy clothes is well worth it.

All farm visitors should definitely set aside ten minutes to take this scenic yet rickety hayride.

The corn maze is also a must when visiting the farm in October.The corn maze offers two acres of twists, turns and forks in the road, making it a tedious but enjoyable activity to do with family and friends. However, the corn maze sucks up a good bit of time for those directionally challenged.

Prominently, the farm hosts a colorful, overstocked pumpkin field. Starting in late September, pumpkins can be found all over Raleigh. However, choosing a pumpkin on the side of Leesville Road or from the display outside of the grocery store does not compare to plucking a pumpkin straight from roots. Families will love perusing the field for the perfect sized pumpkin to carve and place on the front porch.

For all those in search of a great fall activity, Page farms guarantees a good time for people of all ages.


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