AP Art added to LRHS curriculum

Mr Espinal’s art room, a place for creativity at the highest level.

Beginning in second semester of, Leesville will allow students who have taken Honors Art to enroll in a new, more challenging AP-level art class which will be taught by Mr. Espinal.

Mr Espinal’s art room, a place for creativity at the highest level.

Espinal explained that the course had “failed to garner interest” in previous years, but the administration asked him to teach the class.

One aspect of the class, as Espinal said, is, “The student’s pieces will all count as their exam at the end of the semester, and then five of them must be submitted to the College Board, an organization for preparing students for college, which will evaluate them.”

He warned many students who may think the class will be easy.

“It’s not like other AP classes where you would be reading material and then taking a test. I have students who are in Honors level now who struggle to get 3 pieces in per 15 days.”

When asked about what new challenges the class will present, Espinal said, “Students have to complete 25 pieces of art by the end of the semester, which is difficult because it takes about two weeks to do each one right.”

It takes two weeks because, as Espinal mentioned, “they not only have to be physically appealing, but they have to have a deeper, underlying meaning or concept as well.”

Will the course count for college credit?

“Art schools will probably make you take an introductory art course, but if you major in history, it should count as an elective,” said Espinal.

Kristen Murphy, a senior has definitely been impacted by art. “Art changed my life. I wanted to go into chemistry, but art has changed all that, the new class will be difficult; I’m nervous for it.”



  1. Correction: Ms. Espinal stressed that all 25 pieces of art will be submitted to the College Board of which five will be assessed. — The Mycenaean Editors


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