Anti-PSAT: the alternative to testing

By cue of the morning bell on Wednesday, October 12, Leesville students shuffled off to their respective classrooms, most of them more glum than usual to begin first period.

Because of PSAT testing, first and second period have been combined into one 3-hour block while sophomores and a handful of juniors take the exam.

Most students not taking the PSAT are happy to be in their lengthy first period classes. Aryn Kreuger, senior, views her first period as the best class to be “stuck” in. “I love [art IV],” said Kreuger, “[with three hours] you can really get in the zone of art and do your thing without distractions or breaks.”

Additionally, art students are allowed more flexibility when it comes to class time. “We always listen to music [during class], too, so I’m actually looking forward to [class],” said Kreuger.

Other students in more rigorous courses worry about an information overload. “I’ll be in AP Chemistry, and I feel kind of overwhelmed,” explained Connor Blevins, senior. “[Three hours] is a long time to be in one class.”

Blevins also expressed concern over missing a day of second period. “[The extended class] disadvantages your second period class because the time you miss is never fully made up.”

Some teachers compensate for the extra hours they will have their students by implementing fun activities. “If we weren’t having a movie day tomorrow, I don’t know if I could handle it,” said Maria Cain, senior in AP English of her double-period.

Cain is not terribly worried about missing her second period. “I have creative writing second period and a lot of assignments can be worked on outside of class.”

As a way to compensate for the missed class time, an extra thirty minutes will be added to second period on Thursday, October 13.

Despite different concerns about the testing period’s effect on other classes, a majority of students would rather be in their first period than taking the PSAT.

Zane Williams, senior in Religions, firmly preferred his situation by not taking the PSAT. “I’d rather be in first period easily, I can talk and goof off instead of test.”

And what student wouldn’t want that?

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